The best luxury villas for Sale in Croatia 

The ultimate collection
of luxury villas in Croatia

Located in the heart of Europe, bordered by blue waters and golden fields, a true gem lies hidden away… Secret Croatia is the ultimate goal to create a luxurious haven for all who crave an escape into nature. This secluded oasis is at the edge of Šipkova Bay within the island of Šolta. With this exquisite residence resort, you will find a place amidst the magnificent landscape of the bay, showcasing the wild beauty of the island.

Discover an exquisite collection of private residences in Croatia. Overlooking the Adriatic, all residences provide ultimate comfort and privacy; whispering luxury, innovation and smart integration. Designed by Croatian and French architects, who have merged their expertise to revolutionise the concept of a luxury living, this exquisite collection of private residences is an invitation to own a piece of paradise in Šolta.