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The substance (alcohol or drug)Continuing the use of a substance despite health problems caused or worsened by it. Tolerance is defined by the DSM 5 as to use noticeably larger amounts over time to get the desired effect or noticing less of an effect over time after repeated use of the same amount. Withdrawal symptoms […]

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Changing pads in his bathroom, washing stained undies in his washing machine, leaking on his sheets. Just did not want to deal with that. I discussed this with him and he thought I was over reacting. I was brought into the local precinct (Brooklyn 88th). When I arrived, both officers denied saying I was required […]

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He noted they were comfortable but the tag was a bit scratchy. He also said they didn’t breath as well as bamboo shorts due to the material and form fitting design. Overall a great find.. But today I write as someone with a passion for comprehensive sex education, reproductive health access dog dildo, and health […]

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On the Whig side were John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, William H. Seward, and Thurlow Weed.[2]The 1824 presidential election operated without political parties and came down to a four man race. Each candidate (Henry Clay hair toppers, William Crawford, Andrew Jackson, and John Quincy Adams), all of whom were nominally Democratic Republicans, had […]