Invest in real estate in Mauritius

Real estate investment in Mauritius

The Mauritian real estate market is now accessible to international investors and private owners who want to make Mauritius their home. The picture-perfect landscape and political stability make the island an ideal investment hub.

A key destination for real estate investment, the island has numerous tax benefits including a double taxation avoidance agreement with 45 countries including South Africa and the UK. Moreover, investing in real estate has many advantages namely; no capital gain tax, no property tax and the income tax is as from 15%.

One can also secure its investment with potential returns by renting its property or resale its property once its value has increased.

Investing with Evaco Property

Evaco Property is here to provide a hassle-free and seamless service when you invest in the Mauritian real estate market or rent your property.

As soon as the investor becomes an owner with the purchase of his property, he is accompanied by Fine & Country Mauritius, specialised in rental management.